December 2, 2023

Privacy FAQ

Privacy FAQ

How does protect user privacy?

At, we understand that our users must be able to place their trust in us, and that it is our responsibility to protect their privacy. It is our belief that choice and transparency are the cornerstones of privacy. We go to great lengths to let users know what information we collect, when they are using our products and services. We try to give users meaningful choices about what information they provide, as well as to others.
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Why does store search engine logs data?

Search engine log data is stored for a number of reasons. The two most important reasons are to improve our search results, and to maintain the security of our systems. Analyzing log data helps our engineers to build services which will help our users, and also to refine search quality. An example of this is’s Spell Checker. The Spell Checker software automatically looks at a user’s query, and then checks to see if that user is using the most common version of the word’s spelling. If our calculations indicate that a user is more likely to get a relevant search result with an alternative spelling, we will ask “Did you mean the more common spelling?” To provide this service, we study the data in our logs. Logs data helps us to improve our search results. If users are clicking on the #1 result, then that indicates to us that we are doing the right thing. If they are hitting the next page or reformulating their query, we know we are not doing the right thing. Additionally logs data helps us to prevent fraud and other abuses. Examples of these abuses are phishing, scripting attacks and spam; as well as query click spam, and ads click spam.
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Why are logs kept before being anonymized?

We try to balance the competing pressures we face, (such as the privacy of our users, and the security of our systems), and the need for innovation. We believe that anonymizing cookies after 18 months, and IP addresses after 9 months, makes the right balance.
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How can I remove information about myself from’s search results?

Like all search engines, is a reflection of the content and information that is available on the Internet. Search engines do not have the ability to remove content directly from the Internet. Removing content from, or another search engine, still leaves the original content existing on the Web. Users who want content removed from the Internet should contact the webmaster of the page, or the Internet hosting companies who host the content. Ask the hosting companies about their removal policies. Once content has been removed from a website where it appeared, and’s search engine crawl has visited the page again, the information will no longer appear in’s search results. We offer tools to help users with urgent removal requests.
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Does use cookies?

Yes, uses cookies. We use them to provide services and advertising to our users, as well as to improve the user experience. Cookies record a users’ preferences. Examples of preferences are, whether they want their results in English or French, or if they’ve selected a safe search filter. Without them, wouldn’t be able to remember different people’s preferences. Most users don’t want to re-set their computers every time they log on. Users who do not want to receive cookies can set their browsers to

  • notify them when cookies are sent
  • refuse cookies from certain web sites
  • refuse cookies altogether
  • delete cookies from their browser.’s search engine can work without cookies, but a user may lose some functionality if they disable cookies.
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What happens when different privacy laws in different countries conflict?

Our privacy policies are drafted to comply with the privacy laws in the different countries where does business.
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How can I contact if I have a privacy question or complaint?

If users have any additional questions or concerns they can contact us any time through this website. Also, people can rite to us at the following address:

Privacy Matters
423 Queen Street West, Unit #106
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
M5V 2A5
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