December 2, 2023



1. User can browse the site anytime but they do not get all the privileges as a register user. They can view the posts/articles, videos, notices and associated comments.
2. How I can do comments in a post?
Ans: To do that you have to register in the site. Its simple to get registered in You just need an email address to get registered in this site.
3. How I can get registered?
Ans: Go to your email to validate your account. (Please check your email and spam folders!)
4. How I can submit videos?
Ans: To upload videos you have to enter upload video and then give your title and descriptions. After that attach your video file by clicking Brows_, after attaching your video file you can also attach image then just click on upload.
5. User can view notices and events.
6. How I can give my personal news?
Ans: To view the personal news you have to click on personal news tab there you found total news. To add your personal news see a link Add Your Personal News below of total personal news. By clicking on the link you will get a new page. Where you will see Title and News Details boxes. Just give your news and title then click on Publish button, your news will publish on personal news page.


1. As a student you can do all above the user can do/access.
2. Student can see notices/notes and also download it.
3. How I can download notes?
Ans: To download notes/notice you have to go to the notice/notes page. There you will found Download Attached files for example: Download Attached files: registration form, by clicking on the link file name you can easily download your notes/notice.


1. As a trainee you can do and access all the above of Normal User and a Student can do.
2. A trainee can write on notice board and also upload it.
3. How you can write your notice?
Ans: You will see the notice title and notice details. Just type your notice title and details and then upload your file. After that just click on Submit Notice and Files.

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