December 1, 2023

About Us

What does The Journey of Peace do?

The Journey of Peace is located in Canada. It is a registered non-profit organization. The Journey of Peace works with Canadian Human Rights groups, shelters for the disadvantaged, and local Canadian police departments. It also works around the world with other non-profit groups, and human rights groups. The Journey of Peace works with legal groups. It is involved with the Bar Association of Ontario in Canada, and the Bar Association of New York State in the United States of America. The Journey of Peace’s goal is to provide education to people in developing countries. We want to give them the tools, and the awareness to stop the exploitation they suffer from wealthier countries. The Journey of Peace wants to build up the people by giving them education, information and counseling. We want to give people the skills to make political, social and economic changes in a non-violent way. We also provide a place for meetings and discussion. The Journey of Peace believes that the people of developing countries are innocent. They are innocent even if they are involved with political or corporate activities. The people are innocent of the acts committed by exploitive and wealthier countries.

How did it all Begin?

The Journey of Peace has been doing this kind of work for the last 10 years. At first we though we could do something good, like build a hospital or a school. Then we decided to create real change by addressing the big issues. The Journey of Peace came into being with the awareness that all developing countries are subject to the same sort of bad treatment. That bad treatment is that they are consistently exploited by wealthier countries. The Journey of Peace’s development also came with the awareness of other issues affecting the developing world. Historically a country suffers when a bad leader gets into power. There are too many problems and wars break out. Economically a country suffers when big corporations get into a developing country and start exploiting the people and the natural resources. There are even more problems when corrupt government officials start taking money, under the table, from the corporate people. There are lots of nuclear weapons in the world, as well as lots of little children. So, The Journey of Peace has come into being with the awareness that when the problems caused by bad leaders, corporate activities and war are stopped, the developing world can be at peace.

Milestones in the development of The Journey of Peace

Our original realization came with the concept that many of the wrongs in developing countries can be changed in a non-violent manner with education. If we give the people information and education about the wrong doings, they can develop themselves and stop all of the exploitation. They can do this in a non-violent way. We realized the power of the internet to spread education to the people.

Key Players of The Journey of Peace

The key players of The Journey of Peace are people like you, who join The Journey of Peace by signing up, and making a contribution.

What are The Journey of Peace’s future challenges?

Our future challenges are to alleviate poverty by eliminating corporate and political wrong doings. We want to foster the concept that the world can change through innovation and research, not by killing, or making money through the sale of weapons and drugs. We want people to know that they can earn a living without being exploited, or cheated out of at least making a minimum wage.

Where will The Journey of Peace be in the next few years?

We are hoping that The Journey of Peace will be established with many information and training centers throughout the world, for all developing countries. We want The Journey of Peace centers to work together as one franchise. We are not planning to sell our website or company, to another company or organization.

Does The Journey of Peace have any sponsorships or involvement in charitable causes?

Currently we do not have any sponsorships or charitable causes. Only personal financial donations have been made to date.

Where is The Journey of Peace located?

The Journey of Peace
423 Queen Street West
Unit 106
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
M5V 2A5

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