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The Journey of Peace Leadership Corporation

The Journey of Peace Leadership Corporation The Journey of Peace Leadership Corporation is now offering courses for adults and youth in “Effective Speaking and more . Females wanting to take the course will have a special arrangement made for them. Upon completion of the course, graduates are awarded with a certificate and accreditation. Youth: These courses are especially important for Youth so that they can find role models and regain a sense of pride in their heritage.

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Course Objectives

  • Leadership.
  • Care about development
  • Commend build up.
  • Credibility build up.
  • Communication development
  • Effective Speaking.
  • Emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Intellectual and physical growth.
  • Plan for success
  • Self protection.
  • Team work.
  • Talent Development.
  • Values development.


Course Outline

This are customize courses , each lesson lasting 2 to 3 hours. Topics covered include self confidence, speech reading, organizing talks , using exhibits and more .


Importance of Leadership

Leadership consists not only of the development of skills, but also from the development of character. Everyone can develop leadership qualities with education, guidance and practice. There are different types of leadership.


Personal Leadership:

The individual must learn to manage their emotions, time, energy and growth. Before being able to lead others, one must have strong interpersonal communication skills and values.


Leading Individuals:

Personal leadership skills are a prerequisite to being able to lead individuals.


Team Leadership:

A team is a group of individuals who are working towards a common objective. Mastering the leading of individuals will enable a person to lead a team.


Organizational Leadership:

This level of leadership involves people who have learned how to lead a team. They have graduated to leading an organization consisting of several groups or teams.


Leading Leaders:

Who trains the leaders? Those who have graduated from each type of leadership are able to train other leaders.

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