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World Financing Organizations

Although world financing organizations claim to help developing countries, little people such as the farmer, seem to become poorer over time.  These financing organizations pre-plan their exploitation, and what is really happening is that poor countries are financing rich countries through the movement of capital which is invested in established markets or offshore banks. The poor farmer does not benefit fr ...

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Local Power Base Exploited

To gain control of a poor nation’s resources, foreign corporations will “court” the local groups who control the resources. They do this by giving them money or weapons to gain access and control over the poor nation’s oil, gas or gold. Once the corporation has gained control, they colonize the poor nation further, by allowing wealthier countries to come in, and selling them grossly overpriced commodities, ...

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Narcotic Business or the Opium Poppy

The narcotics business does more than create large sums of money for drug lords. It is used by stronger countries to hold down weaker countries. The intelligence branches of certain country's governments, uses drugs to create addiction, and thus hold down the people of lesser countries. Historically, different empires have tried to gain control over the narcotic business, and now one of the world's most pow ...

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Exploitation by Major Religions

Religions that are wealthy and powerful claim to help the little person, but they end up hurting them instead. If the people would stop listening to them, these religions would have no power. For example, major religions exploit a developing nation, by telling the people to have lots of children, so the religion can maintain its powerbase. In reality the people are so poor, that they can not provide basic n ...

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