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Equifax is a leash on my Neck! Ban Credit System.

Equifax is run by corporate Elite (Bourgeoisie) people as an organization, they will never ever understand the pain of general people. Credit system creates poverty in the world, they (meaning unsecured loan, Visa, Rogers etc.) cannot sell the product in cash, therefore they give this product a credit basis and general people take it as they are innocent and unaware. So, if the general people cannot pay it ...

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Ocean Of Blood – Poem for Harper

Do not involve in the war in the Middle East! Do not dip Canadian Flag in our Canadian Blood! If you dip, then you will sink Canadian Flag in to “Canadian Blood of Ocean” Middle East war will be a long journey Atleast a journey of 30 years or more When all corrupt Political Feudal King of Middle East will disappear All Middle East Feudal Kings are Blood sucker, Head be-header, worst then Corporate Elite, Bl ...

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Toronto Public Health Board – How it Works | The Reality Behind

Toronto Public Health - How it works: Health related business owners and their employees are more trained and maintained then the Public Health Government Employees: As a known fact, most of the small business entrepreneurs, especially the health related businesses are owned by people who start their facilities with their own money, education and based on work experience or are trained by experienced bigger ...

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